Report: Kushner and Parscale May Be Casualties of Trump’s Saturday Disaster

Donald Trump has, at least, tried to paint the picture that he is over his Saturday Night Tulsa disaster. The President has started messaging that, while the rally was very poorly attended, millions had watched at home on Fox News.

Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

That doesn’t mean, though, that there isn’t plenty of finger pointing going on in the White House. Brad Parscale is the most obvious fall-guy for the terrible Saturday turnout. But according to a report from Vanity Fair, Jared Kushner could also lose his job over the weekend’s horrible optics.

Gabriel Sherman writes, “Parscale committed a cascade of errors, from overhyping expected turnout to blaming the half-filled arena on protesters. Trump was so furious when he saw how thin the crowd was that he threatened to not go onstage, two sources briefed on the discussions told me. The sources said that Parscale, reading the tea leaves, is planning to step down. ‘He knows he can’t survive.'”

Parscale was the obvious candidate to take a fall for the rally. The more interesting aspect of the report, though, is that Kushner may also lost his job.

Sherman continues:

“Sources also told me that if Parscale is forced out, he likely won’t be the only casualty of the rally fiasco. Trump is debating revoking his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s control over the campaign, sources said. As I previously reported, Trump has been frustrated with Kushner’s oversight of the campaign in light of polling that consistently shows Trump losing to Joe Biden.”

You can read the full piece here


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