Report: Joni Ernst’s Iowa Senate Seat Now Considered a Toss-Up

Democrats are quite aware of the Republican senate seats that could there for the taking in 2020. The names have been obvious. Susan Collins in Maine, Cory Gardner in Colorado, Martha McSally in Arizona and Thom Tillis in North Carolina are all considered to be quite vulnerable.

Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images

But polls are showing there are more GOP-held seats up for grabs than initially thought. Iowa’s Joni Ernst easily won her 2014 senate race by a margin of nearly 9 points. Recent polling, however does not look so great for the former Army Lieutenant Colonel. The polling has been so tight, in fact, that Ernst’s race has been changed to a toss-up by Politico.

Sam Newton is the Communications Director for Ernst’s opponent Theresa Greenfield. Newton tweeted on Sunday, “Ratings change, Politico is officially shifting the Iowa senate race to a toss-up. Ernst is no longer a significant favorite to win a second term. A Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll last month showed her narrowly trailing Dem nominee Theresa Greenfield and the race is now a toss-up.”

Ernst has done herself no favors by remaining fiercely loyal to Donald Trump. During a CNN interview this weekend, she refused to criticize Donald Trump for his handling of COVID-19. Back in 2014, Ernst called Barack Obama’s handling of Ebola, where 2 people died. Ersnt said, “I think the President’s stepping forward.”

Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of CNN:


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