Report: John Kelly Was Hostile Towards Trump From The Very Start

In a new book, ‘Team of Vipers,’ written by former Trump aide, Cliff Sims, new details have emerged about former chief of staff John Kelly’s rhetoric and ideas about the Trump presidency.

According to Sims, who was hired by the Trump campaign as co-host of a Facebook live program, shortly after Kelly replaced Reince Priebus as chief of staff, Kelly gave a passionate speech at the Eisenhower executive office building to numerous staffers. Sims says that the speech focused on country first, president second.

“Kelly seemed to be saying that… it might be necessary to subvert the president’s wishes in service of some amorphous higher calling,” Sims wrote in his book.

Sims also goes on to talk about what it was really like to work within the White House or around the president, noting the chaos, ignorance and infighting.

“The whole thing felt like Game of Thrones, but with the characters from Veep,” wrote Sims.

Kelly had been criticized in the past by those on both sides of the aisle for mishandling the Rob Porter domestic abuse allegations, as well as some of the more controversial events taking place at our southern border. In public, both Trump and Kelly often praised each other’s styles of work.

Kelly was replaced earlier this month with acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, who has become the third chief of staff within 2 years.  There have already been reports of arguments between Mulvaney and Trump in the early going.


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