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Report: Joe Biden is Preparing to Pass Infrastructure Bill Without Republican Support

Report: Joe Biden is Preparing to Pass Infrastructure Bill Without Republican Support

Joe Biden has been working hard to involve GOP lawmakers in the infrastructure process, but is planning to move on without them if they won’t compromise.

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During his four years in the White House, Donald Trump made almost no effort to engage Democrats in legislative discussion. In fact, the 45th President practically gloated about his ability to push through bills without Liberal support.

The shoe is on the other foot, now, as Joe Biden is in control. Unlike Trump, however, he has been willing to talk with Republican lawmakers about the goals of his administration. After weeks of engaging the GOP in infrastructure talks, though, he is reportedly prepared to move on without them.

Politico reports that Biden, “may be willing to give up the reputation, cultivated over decades, as a dealmaking lawmaker if he can be a transformative president who pushes through a once-in-a-generation investment in infrastructure and social programs..”

Former Obama staffer Jay Carney explains, “The lesson that this team learned, beginning with President Biden, from that experience is that there is a cost to waiting too long. I think everyone is much more realistic about whether bipartisan cooperation is possible.”

Chuck Hagel, a former senate colleague and friend of Biden remarked, “Biden and the people around him understand you have to get as much done this year as possible. At what point then — if you’re not making any progress on any front and you’ve been willing to compromise on some things — do you have to go it alone. That’s a decision they’re going to have to make. You don’t have a lot of time.”

And while Biden is acting in good faith, many Republican lawmakers continue to spread misinformation about what is in the package. The Democrats currently have the votes to pass a bill without GOP support.


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