Report: Joe Biden is Considering Making Andrew Cuomo his Attorney General

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination outlined just how much talent there is in the party right now. And many of those who ran against Joe Biden could end up in his cabinet if he captures the White House. There have already been predictions of where prominent Democrats could end up.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Andrew Cuomo didn’t run for the land’s highest office this time around. The timing would have been bad anyway with the way COVID-19 hit New York City. There are rumors, though, that he may end up in the cabinet. According to Axios, Joe Biden is considering the New York City governor for his Attorney General.

Alayna Treene and Hans Nichols report, “Some Democratic donors in Cuomo’s orbit tell Axios that the governor is being pushed for the job and that Biden would consider him, based on their long friendship.”

The rumor is apparently serious enough that the National Governor’s Association are looking at contingency plans if Cuomo joins the White House. The New York governor chairs to group.

The job would be a high profile one in Biden’s White House. The most important role in the position would likely be investigating the mass corruption with the Trump Administration.

Cuomo’s  office, though, is pumping the breaks on the Attorney General rumor. Spokesperson Richard Azzopardi told Axios, “100% he’s made zero outreach, has had zero conversations about this and has made his desire to stay in New York clear as day and be governor as long as people want him.”


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