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Report: Ivanka Trump Turned Down Her Father’s Offer To Head The World Bank

Report: Ivanka Trump Turned Down Her Father’s Offer To Head The World Bank

There has been quite a bit of buzz lately about the potential for First Daughter Ivanka Trump to head up the World Bank. This made most people raise more than an eyebrow, because it is unclear what her qualifications are to hold such a position. Then there is, of course, the ongoing problem of perceived nepotism in the Trump Administration.

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This is an ongoing concern, as there is ample evidence to suggest that First Son-In-Law Jared Kushner was originally denied a security clearance, but Donald Trump overruled the intelligence professionals. In other words, preferential treatment is the order of the day for family members, even at the potential expense of national security.

Then, when the idea of Ivanka Trump becoming World Bank President was put out into the political ether, people who realize what it takes to run that particular entity scoffed. Frequent Trump critic Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), tweeted the following at the news:

“Of all the people in US who could be World Bank President, the most qualified is Ivanka Trump, who lost her fashion line & happens to be the daughter of @POTUS. I see.”

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Those points are moot here, though, because it appears that Ivanka Trump did not want the job after all.  At least not according to her.

According to the Associated Press, the First Daughter says that she is “happy with the work” she is currently performing in her father’s administration.  She did, however, have a hand in choosing the new World Bank head, David Malpas, who will be in charge of the massive 189-country entity. Ivanka Trump says that he will do an “incredible job.”

Certainly, we all hope this to be true. When approached about whether the President is considering her for any other posts of consequence, Ivanka Trump says that she would “keep that between” the two of them.

Hopefully, she will be able to fulfill the role she is in, and will only take things that she is qualified for.

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