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Report: Ivanka Trump Thinks She Will Be President One Day

Report: Ivanka Trump Thinks She Will Be President One Day

When Donald Trump became president, he placed his sons in charge of the family business. His daughter Ivanka, however, was brought along to Washington DC to act as one of his senior advisers.

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It appears that Trump’s oldest daughter feels that she is well suited for a role in government. According to Vicky Ward’s new book, Kushner Inc, Ivanka believes that she will be president one day.

The quote comes via Gary Cohn, who served as the Director of Trump’s National Economic Council. Cohn reportedly has told people, “Her father’s reign in Washington, D.C., is, she believes, the beginning of a great American dynasty.”

Ivanka Trump has often been accused of being out of touch with the American people. She faced criticism for her comments on the Green New Deal in which she talked about job guarantees. She told Fox News’, Steve Hilton:

“I don’t think most Americans, in their heart, want to be given something. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling around this country over the last four years. People want to work for what they get. So, I think that this idea of a guaranteed minimum is not something most people want. They want the ability to be able to secure a job. They want the ability to live in a country where’s there’s the potential for upward mobility.”

There have also been issues with security clearances for Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner. Ivanka told ABC news, “The President had no involvement pertaining to my clearance or my husband’s clearance. Zero.”

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If Ivanka Trump does plan on running for president one day, she is going to have to work on her popularity. The last Ipsos/Daily Beast poll had her favorability rating at just 43%.

Biographer Vicky Ward will be appearing on next week’s episode of Krassencast. Check out the show here:

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