Report: Ivanka Trump is Trying to Makeover her Tattered Image

Prior to her father beginning his political career, Ivanka Trump lived in New York City and ran a successful fashion label. Those things are now a long distant memory. Trump closed her fashion line years ago and she’s left New York City for Florida.

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[Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images]
Having the 45th president has been incredibly damaging to Ivanka’s brand. And she’s now hoping to revive the lifestyle she had prior to entering politics. According to a new column by Alaina Demopolous, Trump is now trying to makeover her image.

The Daily Beast style writer asks, “Have you missed Ivanka Trump’s frequent Instagram posts featuring glamour shots, MAGA propaganda, and snapshots from her children’s play time? Probably not. But the most image-obsessed of the Trump kids has been conspicuously silent on social media since her father left office,” before adding, “That’s not to say she’s gone completely: Ivanka, always her own best publicist, has been snapped by paparazzi dutifully camped outside her Miami home ever since she moved to a shiny $3.2 million waterfront condo.”

Demopolous continues, “Ivanka has imposed a digital detox since her father left office on Jan. 21. (That’s a pretty privileged decision to make, considering so many of us are stuck working from homes, our internet access a requisite for our paychecks.) Still, she’s not entirely silent. Ivanka has always used her clothing to tell a story. This time around, it’s a tale of practiced domesticity. Where all this image-making takes her remains to be seen. But if you need Ivanka before then, this totally average, millennial mother will be lounging on her private beach.”

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