Report: It Could Take Up to 4 Months for Many Americans to Receive $1200 Check

With the economy essentially stopped in the United States, many Americans are desperate for a cash influx to pay rent, bills or even for food. For nearly a week and a half, the House and Senate have been working on a bill that would send money directly to taxpayers.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The bill has largely been agreed upon, though it hasn’t completely passed through both chambers. According to a New York Times report, however, many people will not be getting the immediate help they are hoping for. The only people who get their checks right away are those who have already set up direct deposit with the IRS.

The Times notes:

“Democratic aides in the Senate said on Wednesday that eligible Americans with direct-deposit bank account information on file with the Internal Revenue Service — about 70 million people — should see their payments arrive within a few weeks of the bill being signed into law. Those who did not have such information on file and waiting for a check in the mail from the I.R.S., will need to wait up to four months to receive one, the aides said.”

The relief bill is expected to pass later sometime this week.

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