Report: House Investigating Potential Pardon Offer to Michael Cohen

During Michael Cohen’s public testimony before the House Oversight Committee last Wednesday, he was not asked once about any talks he may have had with the president in regards to a potential pardon.  Publicly Cohen has claimed that he never ask for a pardon and would never accept one.

WASHINGTON, DC – (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

However, sources speaking on the condition of anonymity to the Washington Post, said that both the Senate and House Intelligence Committees questioned Cohen about whether he had talked to Trump about potential pardons. These individuals also say that Cohen’s knowledge on the topic of pardons seems to go beyond what he has said in the public sphere.

This would seemingly corroborate what Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis said late last week, when he claimed that “new information was developed that really could be game-changing,” before continuing, “the development of this new information is the reason he’s coming back (to testify again) next Wednesday.”

Congressman Eric Swalwell then seemed to confirm Davis’ statements, in saying, “he’s not spinning and we truly were at the edge of our seats listening as Mr. Cohen told us information that he certainly did not tell us in October 2017.”

If in fact Cohen did have discussions with President Trump or his legal team about a potential pardon, it could open the president up to even more scrutiny over whether or not he has obstructed justice.

Cohen is scheduled to appear before the House Intelligence Committee again on March 6, where further questions on the matter will likely be asked.

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