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Report: Hispanic Voting on the Rise in High Stakes States

Report: Hispanic Voting on the Rise in High Stakes States

Hispanic Americans are in increasing important part of the country’s voting block. Seeing the importance of these votes, the Trump campaign recently rolled out a program aimed at wooing Latinos. It should be a challenge for the President as a recent Marist poll found his approval rating among Latino’s at 24%.

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With a tight race expected in 2020, winning the Latio vote could be the key to capturing the election. According to a new report from Univision, Hispanic voting participation is growing at a higher rate than non-Hispanics.

The more engaged voters are also located in the states that should be very competitive during the next election. The Univision study focused on the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.

The first sign of increased Latino turnout was during the 2020 midterms were participation in some states increased fourfold since 2014. Univision CEO Vince Sandusky said, “Hispanic America turned out in unprecedented numbers in 2018 across all age groups and we expect that trend to continue into the 2020 election cycle.”

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Hispanic groups are turning out in heavier numbers for all categories, but younger voters are leading the charge. The participation among 18-24 Hispanic-American Georgia voters from 2014 to 2018 rose by over 700%.

The increased participation is among both Hispanics who are registered as Republicans as well as Democrats. Sandusky further explains, “This new data from seven additional states further demonstrates that Hispanic voters are a crucial demographic and any candidate or issue group that wants to win must get their message out to Latinos.”

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