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Report: GOP Lawmaker Punched Wife In The Nose Because She Didn’t Undress Fast Enough

Report: GOP Lawmaker Punched Wife In The Nose Because She Didn’t Undress Fast Enough

Republican state Rep. Doug McLeod of Lucedale, Mississippi, was set to cruise toward re-election this year with no clear opposition to his candidacy. Instead, he’s facing calls to resign due to a domestic assault charge against his wife.

McLeod was arrested, then released on bail, after the sheriff’s department arrived at his home on Saturday. They arrived on the scene to find McLeod, intoxicated and still drinking another alcoholic beverage. His wife had a bloodied nose, according to ABC 3340.

Per the official report, McLeod reportedly punched his wife because she didn’t undress fast enough when he wanted to have sex with her.

When authorities announced the domestic violence charges he faced, McLeod was reportedly indignant. “Are you kidding me?” he responded.

Two other women were reportedly in the house at the time of the assault, according to reporting from Heavy. McLeod’s wife reportedly ran to their room, closing the door behind her, after she was punched in the face. McLeod went after her, and threatened to kill the dog if she didn’t come out.

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The couple have three children together, at least one of whom was in the home at the time of the assault.

McLeod, who was set to cruise to an easy re-election win in the fall, now faces calls for his own resignation. The calls are emanating from his own political party, according to reporting from Mississippi Today, and from the leader of the state’s House of Representatives.

“I have attempted to contact Rep. McLeod to request his resignation, if in fact, these allegations are true. These actions are unacceptable for anyone,” Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn said in a statement.

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