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Report: GOP is Increasingly Worried About Toss-Up Race in Texas

Report: GOP is Increasingly Worried About Toss-Up Race in Texas

A large percentage of electoral college votes come from Texas, California and New York. If a candidate was to win those 3 states, they would easily capture the presidency. That hasn’t happened 1984 when Ronald Reagan won every state but Minnesota.

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There are some polls, however, that show Joe Biden within the margin of error in Texas. And these polls are increasingly worrying GOP officials who don’t see a path of victory without it.

In 2018, Republican senator Ted Cruz only defeated Beto O’Rourke by 3 points. In the same year, Lizzie Pannill-Fletcher and Colin Allred captured Texas congressional seats previously held by Republicans.

And according to recent polling, the state is not longer a gimme for Trump. A recent survey conducted by Quinnipiac showed the President only leading Biden by 1%.

Corbin Casteel, a GOP operative, told The Hill, “The suburbs are a concern because any time your stronghold is showing weakness, it needs to be shored up.”

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Casteel also feels that Trump has a problem with messaging. He continued:

The president would help to show compassion in times like this. Texas Republicans are largely Christians, they love Jesus and live their lives in that way and it’s disappointing to see the leader of our party do such a great job on the economy and jobs and in appointing conservative justices, but to miss these opportunities to lead with that kind of compassion. If he had been leading in that way throughout this racial crisis, I think his numbers would be through the roof. It doesn’t mean he’ll lose Texas, I definitely don’t think he will. But it’s a missed opportunity to shore up a stronghold.”

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