Report: Former White House Physician, Now A Congressman, Drank, Made Sexual Comments & Took Ambien On The Job

In January 2018 most Americans had no idea who Dr. Ronny Jackson was. That all changed when the U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, as the president’s physician, made some astonishing claims about Donald Trump’s health during a White House briefing.

After being asked how Trump could be in good shape, as Jackson had just told the assembled reporters, he stumbled his way through two laughably absurd statements about Trump’s exercise routine (none) and said that with a couple of lifestyle changes he could live to 200 years of age because of “genetics.”

After leaving the White House and retiring from the military Jackson ran for and won the race for an open Congressional seat in Texas as a Trump Republican in 2020. He now sits on the House Armed Services subcommittee overseeing military personnel. In that capacity Rep. Jackson today will receive a Defense Department inspector general’s report on Rear Admiral Jackson that concludes that while serving as White House physician he made “sexual and denigrating” comments about a female subordinate, violated official policy about drinking alcohol while on duty during a presidential trip and took prescription sleeping medication.

(Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images)

The investigation into Jackson began in 2018 and covered his time serving both the Obama and Trump administrations. Some of the allegations date back to 2014. Investigators concluded – after interviewing 78 witnesses and reviewing White House documents – that Jackson failed to treat his subordinates with dignity and respect, engaged in inappropriate conduct involving the use of alcohol during two incidents and used sleeping medication during an overseas trip that raised concerns about his ability to provide medical care to the President and other top officials.

Many of the witnesses described Jackson’s behavior with words and phrases such as “meltdowns,” “rages,” “tantrums” and “aggressive.” They described him as a dictatorial “control freak” manager whose style could best be categorized as “fear and intimidation.”

On a presidential trip to Manila from April 22, 2014, to April 29, 2014, four witnesses who traveled with then-President Barack Obama and Jackson said that Jackson became intoxicated and made inappropriate comments about a female medical subordinate. One witness told the IG said that shortly after they arrived in Manila, Jackson began drinking in the hotel lobby. That same witness also said Jackson then got into a car with a drink in his hand “to go out on the town.” Back at the hotel, one of the witnesses said he saw Jackson “pounding” on the door of his female subordinate’s room. When she opened the door, Jackson said, “I need you,” and, “I need you to come to my room.”

Two years later, during a presidential trip to Bariloche, Argentina, two witnesses told the IG they saw Jackson drinking a beer while he was serving as the physician to the President and in charge of providing medical care for a presidential trip. Regulations prohibit the White House physician from drinking from 24 hours before the President’s arrival until two hours after his departure. Jackson, the witnesses said, dismissed the regulation as “ridiculous.”

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