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Report: Failing Truth Social is a Conservative Wasteland Overrun With Bots

Report: Failing Truth Social is a Conservative Wasteland Overrun With Bots

Twitter was very important to Donald Trump long before he became President. And once he did take office, the social media site remained his favorite form of communication.

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Trump was banned from the service following the insurrection he inspired in 2021. Since then, he has been desperate to find a Conservative alternative. His biggest attempt has been Truth Social. Devin Nunes quit his job as a congressman to run the site. And $1 billion was raised from investors.

The rollout, though, like most things Trump is involved in, was incredibly chaotic. And according to a report from Business Insider, the site is now a ghost town, overrun with bots.

Rosie Bradbury notes, “Through the app’s profile finder, I couldn’t find any verified US Senators, or Democrats from either congressional chamber. I did find a few Republican lawmakers, though. Representatives Byron Donalds and Lisa McClain were there, with 1,000 and 233 followers respectively – but neither had posted any truths. Representative Clay Higgins was also there, with 4,320 users and seven posts.”

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The report continues:

“Truth Social was meant to be a haven for conservative discussion. It felt more like Bot Social. For example, many of the replies to Trump’s solitary post were adverts for a niche cryptocurrency. And even popular hashtags turned up mainly bot-generated posts or non-organic content. It’s not impossible that Truth Social could take off at some point in the. future. For now, though, it’s some way off becoming the social media platform of choice for Trump and his supporters.”

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