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Report: Election Loser Too Sad to Play Golf, Skipping Buffets

Report: Election Loser Too Sad to Play Golf, Skipping Buffets

Former President Donald Trump is still quite bummed over his election loss to President Joe Biden, CNN reported on Wednesday. Individuals close to Trump revealed to the outlet that the 74-year-old spends most of his time figuring out how to, well, pass the time.

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According to CNN’s sources, it took weeks for Trump to come to terms with his landslide rejection.

“Most people would leave the White House relieved to have the weight of the world lifted off their shoulders, but for him it was a reality that took some time to get used to. Those first few weeks, it was not an easy transition,” one insider said.

“He hates being off the A block,” said another. “He’s really thinking of running again in 2024 just to get back to that.”

These days, Trump is focusing his energy on maintaining his influence within the Republican Party, which due to his abysmal performance as commander in chief lost control of the federal government last November:

More than a dozen Trump aides, confidants and allies who spoke with CNN — many of whom were granted anonymity to candidly discuss his post-presidency — say the former President, who remains bitter about his defeat in the 2020 election, has nevertheless come to enjoy his status as a GOP kingmaker, relishing his ability to disrupt races or elevate pro-Trump figures against dissenters inside the party. Others noted that he is yearning to return to the White House and claimed that his efforts to build a post-presidential political machine are principally aimed at supporting that goal.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, Trump forgoes playing golf, opting instead to canoodle with his enablers. And although Trump’s schedule is relatively lean, not much has changed in his daily routine since the American people kicked him out of the White House. In fact, similar to life during his single term, meals are one of his biggest priorities:

Most days of the week, Trump begins with 9 a.m. tee times at his namesake golf course 15 minutes from his home. He usually plays 18 holes, but he sometimes stays for the course’s full 27, followed by a leisurely lunch at its clubhouse with a rotating cast of friends. These days, friends say, he avoids the buffet.

Trump then conducts candidate interviews or meetings with his staff back at his oceanfront resort until 7:30 p.m. before joining his wife, Melania, for dinner on Mar-a-Lago’s bustling terrace. In recent weeks, the couple has dined with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista, who served as US ambassador to the Holy See during the Trump administration, and former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, who remains a close friend.

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Trump’s television consumption has also declined, CNN said, adding that he prefers reading newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, and The New York Times. He is still banned from posting on social media.

As for former First Lady Melania Trump, CNN said that she is happy and does her own thing.

“She’s not a presence at Mar-a-Lago at all. She’s not mingling with people and rarely interacts with her husband’s staff,” said a person close to the couple.

Read the full report here.

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