Report: During Vote Count Rallies Trump Will Focus on “Wrecking” Fox News

Fox News and Donald Trump have long had a symbiotic relationship. Trump could have never captured the Republican nomination and then the White House without Fox normalizing his behavior. And the president has given the network special access, regularly conducting interviews with the network’s anchors.

Donald Trump says Fox should use CNBC, CNN polls
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]
But the relationship between the network and the president has been diminishing for months. The final straw seems to be Fox’s early call of the state of Arizona for Joe Biden. According to Axios, during upcoming vote count rallies, Trump will spend a lot of time blasting his former favorite channel.

Now that he will be transitioning back to civilian life, Trump is reportedly aiming to start a digital news service. Mike Allen reports that the pay per month service would attempt to directly take on Fox News.

And the best way to promote this service could be to slam his competitor during his upcoming vote count rallies. A source told Axios, “He’s going to spend a lot of time slamming Fox. He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it.”

For their part, Fox seems unbothered by the upcoming competition. During a recent earnings call, CEO Lachlan Murdoch reportedly said, “We love competition. We have always thrived with competition. … Fox News has been the number one network, including broadcast networks, … from Labor Day through to Election Day.”


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