Report: Donald Trump’s Niece, Mary, to Release Tell-All Book in August

Donald Trump is going to have to deal with plenty of tell-all books with him as the subject during this years election cycle. The first came from former cabinet member John Bolton, which came out this week. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, will also have a book coming out prior to the November election.

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And now, a family member of the President has revealed her intention to tell some family secrets. Mary Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump’s older brother Fred, will release her book on August 11th, just before the Republican National Convention.

Fred Trump Jr. battled alcoholism for much of his life and passed away in 1981. Prior to his death, he was forced out of the Trump Organization by his brother Donald.

Following the death of father Fred Trump Sr., the family of Fred Trump Jr. had to fight for their inheritance. Mary Trump said at the time, “My aunt and uncles should be ashamed of themselves. I’m sure they are not.”

In October of 2018, the New York Times published a detailed report of the Trump family’s tax history. Mary Trump will reveal in her book that she was the primary source for this piece.

The President’s niece has remained tight-lipped about the contents of the work, but finances will loom heavy. When asked about the fight over her Grandfather’s will in 2000, she told the New York Daily News, “Given this family, it would be utterly naive to say it has nothing to do with money. But for both me and my brother, it has much more to do with that our father [Fred Jr.] be recognized.”


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