Report: Donald Trump is Disgusted With Kristi Noem

Donald Trump is a cruel man who seems to derive satisfaction from seeing other people be cruel as well. So when Kristi Noem bragged in her book about killing a dog, she probably thought that was something that would be impressive to Trump. Instead, the former President is reportedly angry about the comments. 

The report comes via Asawin Suebsaeng from Rolling Stone, who writes:

"Trump, sources recount, has pointedly asked questions regarding her decision to kill the dog, including specifically, 'Why would she do that?' and 'What is wrong with her?' He has expressed bewilderment that she would have ever admitted to doing this, willingly and in her own writing, and has argued it demonstrates she has a poor grasp of 'public relations.'"

Suebsaeng further noted, "in these various conversations over the past week, the ex-president has also mentioned that voters generally don’t like politicians who kill dogs, two of the people familiar with the matter add."

Of couse, Trump doesn't seem to be worried about how Noem went about killing the dog, he is more worried about the political fallout of admitting quite a thing. The South Dakota Governor did manage to unite both the Right and Left over he actions. It would be hard to imagine her political career getting better at this point.