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Report: Devin Nunes is Making Money in Direct Violation of House Ethics Rules

Report: Devin Nunes is Making Money in Direct Violation of House Ethics Rules

Donald Trump-lackey and California Congressman Devin Nunes might be in hot water.

According to a new report, certain sources of Nunes’s income are in direct violation of ethics rules set down by the House of Representatives.

A report from the Sacramento Bee says that Nunes has been given expensive legal services that violate the rules of the House. The following comes as part of complaint from the Campaign Legal Center (CLC), which is a non-partisan outfit that investigates ethics violations in Congress, Raw Story reported.

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The Bee wrote:

“The complaint says Nunes appears to be in ‘blatant violation of House rules,’ because he would have trouble paying for all these lawsuits solely from his congressional salary of $174,000 per year. The group argues he’d only be able to pay if he received legal services for free, at a discounted rate, or based on a contingency fee, meaning the lawyer would get compensated from Nunes’ winnings if he prevails in his lawsuits.”

This all comes as Nunes has been busily suing anyone who dares to scrutinize his finances even a little. He has sued the McClatchy newspaper, as well as a person who operates a funny Twitter account that claims to be a cow from Nunes’s farm.

The problem is that Nunes has not filed a legal expense fund, which is set down in the ethics rules that members of the House of Representatives are bound by. A legal expense fund must be filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics for Nunes to be operating above board in all these lawsuits.

The CLC’s complaint continues:

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“Representative Nunes’s overt involvement with the highly-publicized lawsuits threatens to establish a precedent that the Legal Expense Fund (“LEF”) regulations no longer apply to Members. Although Representative Nunes is entitled to legal representation and he may pursue any legal action to protect and defend his interests, he must comply with House rules. An (Office of Congressional Ethics) investigation will preserve Representative Nunes’s legal right to counsel while upholding well-established House rules and precedent.”

Republican lawmakers no longer appear to care about ethics, or the law, even. They care about protecting their own hold on political power, and, of course, President Donald Trump.

When those are the only rules one lives by, all bets are off. So, as unethical as Nunes’s apparent actions are, they really should come as no real surprise to anyone.

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