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Report: Desperate for Attention Trump Won’t Stop Crashing Events at Mar-a-Lago

Report: Desperate for Attention Trump Won’t Stop Crashing Events at Mar-a-Lago

Throughout almost his entire life, Donald Trump has been surrounded by people who told him how important he was. And this adulation only increased once the former businessman became the president of the United States.

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And now that he’s out of office, Trump misses the attention quite a bit. There have been many reports of Trump crashing events at Mar-a-Lago and giving impromptu speeches. According to a new report from Bloomberg, it seems the former president is doing this much more often than originally reported.

Joshua Green writes, “At every moment of his day, Trump is bathed in adulation. When he enters the dining room, people stand and applaud. When he returns from golf, he’s met with squeals and selfie requests. When he leaves Mar-a-Lago, he often encounters flag-waving throngs organized by Willy Guardiola, a former professional harmonica player and anti-abortion activist who runs weekly pro-Trump rallies in Palm Beach.”

The report continues:

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“He’ll show up to anything. In recent weeks, Trump has popped into engagement parties and memorial services. A Mar-a-Lago member who recently attended a club gathering for a deceased friend was surprised when Trump sauntered in to deliver remarks and then hung around, apparently enjoying himself. This insular feedback loop, amplified by the worshipful validation he gets for doing Newsmax or OAN TV hits, doesn’t appear likely to diminish as he settles into his New Jersey golf club for the summer and prepares to resume his trademark rallies.”

You can read the entire report here

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