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Report: Cindy McCain Likely to Become the Ambassador to Great Britain

Report: Cindy McCain Likely to Become the Ambassador to Great Britain

Serving in the senate together for decades, John McCain and Joe Biden were great friends. Despite their political differences, the men both worked together in Washington DC and spent time with each other outside of the beltway.

Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States, and Cindy McCain, the wife of US Senator McCain, arrive at the reception of the Bavarian State Chancellery in the course of the 54th Munich Security Conference. Photo: Andreas Gebert/dpa (Photo by Andreas Gebert/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Cindy McCain, John McCain’s widow is a proud Republican. But the 2020 election came down to supporting a man in Donald Trump, who had repeatedly slammed her husband, or Joe Biden, who was a close friend for years. McCain decided to back the Democrat. She filmed a segment to be aired at the Democratic National Convention and later gave her full endorsement to the Democrat.

And this endorsement very likely mattered. The McCain name means a lot in the state of Arizona. And that state turning blue was crucial to Biden capturing the presidency. Now it seems likely that the president elect will be paying the favor back with an ambassadorship.

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According to the New York Daily News, “The widow of former Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain has been tipped to be Biden’s envoy in London once he takes over the White House in January.”

Biden has spoken openly about appointing Republicans to both cabinet seats and ambassadorships. A number of prominent Republicans came out in support of Biden during his 2020 run. This included former Ohio Governor John Kasich, former New Jersey Governor Christine Whitman and former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge.


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