REPORT: Cash-Strapped Giuliani Shrinks Entourage

The past few months have thrown one indignity after another at Rudy Giuliani. The Borat movie scene, getting sued for billions by voting machine companies, the feds raiding his home and office, Donald Trump refusing (so far) to pay his legal fees – it’s a lot. Now comes word of one more cross Trump’s former personal lawyer has to bear.

Giuliani has had to reduce the size of his personal entourage to cut costs. Politico reports that the former New York mayor laid off several staffers and independent contractors over the past few weeks. When things were good Giuliani routinely had as many as five people at his side as he moved about Manhattan. But now he’s reduced to roping in the son of his supposed girlfriend, Maria Ryan, as a part-time driver.

It’s no wonder things are a little tight financially. Giuliani no longer serves as the twice-impeached former president’s lawyer and it’s doubtful he ever did get paid the $20,000 a month in legal fees he had requested to represent him in all of those bogus election challenges. Because of his slavish support of Trump it doesn’t look like the Manhattan law firm that he previously worked for wants him back.

On the other side of the balance sheet are his expenses, the largest of which might be the $42,000 a month in alimony he has to pay his third ex-wife, Judith. He also has to pay thousands of dollars a month in carrying costs for their properties, including a home in the Hamptons. During their divorce proceedings a lawyer for Giuliani’s now ex-wife alleged in court documents that he dropped tens of thousands of dollars on a private jet subscription service, $40,000 for a friend’s son’s dental work, $7,000 on fountain pens and $12,000 on cigars.

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