Report: Auditioning for 2024, Donald Trump Jr. Plans to Get “Very Involved” In Georgia Senate Runoff

When Donald Trump came to the White House in 2016, he didn’t come alone. He took his adult children along for the ride. And his 3 oldest kids, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric (along with their significant others) regularly appeared as surrogates both on television and at rallies.

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

None of the children relished in the celebrity more than Donald Trump Jr.. In addition to his television and rally appearances the first son of the president wrote a book that became a best seller after the RNC purchased a large quantity of copies. And while his Father has lost the presidency, Trump Jr. wants to continue to be involved in the Republican party. According to a report, he plans on getting “really involved” in the Georgia run-off.

Georgia will hold senate elections for both its seats in early January. If the Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are able to win their elections, Democrats would take control of the senate.

Christian Datoc says Donald Trump Jr. wants to make sure that doesn’t happen. The Daily Caller reporter tweeted, “A source close to Donald Trump Jr. tells me he plans to ‘get very involved in the two Georgia runoffs in the coming weeks’— a number of 2024 GOP hopefuls (Rubio, Haley, even Pence) are already using/scheduling campaign events in the state as a sort of national audition.”

There will likely be a number of contenders for the 2024 Republican nomination. The favorite for the bid, though, is most likely Donald Trump Sr.. That, of course, would be based on his health and legal status.

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