Report: After GOP Losses, McConnell and Allies Want to Go To War Against Team Trump

Donald Trump will no longer be the president in less than two weeks. The president, though, would like to remain a political power long after his term is over. Trump may or may not run again in 2024, but his children and their spouses are already hinting at running for political offices.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Tuesday’s Georgia senate runoff was the first look into how Trump’s support could impact election. The results were not good as Raphael Warnock won a senate seat and Jon Ossoff should take the other shortly. These wins will turn Mitch McConnell from the Senate Majority Leader to the Senate Minority Leader. According to Josh Kraushaar, McConnell and his allies are ready to go to war with team Trump.

The National Journal scribe tweeted early this morning, “Emotions running high among McConnell-aligned Republicans early Wednesday am — after reality of what transpired in Georgia settled in. May be the heat of the moment, but mood is for declaring war on Team Trump. Want to marginalize Trump as they marginalized Steve Bannon in 2017.”

Kraushaar continued, “The alternative, in their view? Disastrous political outcomes in the near term, with R primary fights making the establishment-tea party fights of 2010-12 look like a picnic.”

McConnell has already shown his desire to move on from the Trump era. According to reports, McConnell has urged Republican senators against joining Donald Trump in his post-election fight. A number of senators ignored the plea, which could lead to further fracturing within the Republican party.

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