Report: After a 2016 Meeting About Endorsing Ted Cruz Ended, Nikki Haley and Her Staff Laughed at Him

People mostly remember the 2016 candidates for the Republican nomination. But after Donald Trump won, the order the candidates finished in has mostly been forgotten.

Ted Cruz, now one of Trump’s chief sycophants, actually finished in second place during that race. One of the Texas’ lawmaker’s biggest issues was his general lack of likability.

According to Tim Alberta’s new piece on Nikki Haley, Cruz sought her support on 2016 but Haley and her staff were laughing at him once Cruz left the meetings.

The Politico scribe writes, “Her endorsement was both highly coveted and highly unlikely. Republicans universally expected that Haley would remain neutral out of respect for an old friend. Because (Jeb) Bush’s campaign was on life support, there was no reason for Haley to throw away her political capital endorsing him. Secretly, in the days after the New Hampshire primary, Haley’s team reached out to both the Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio camp.”

Alberta continues, “Each candidate was invited to have dinner with the governor and bring their spouse and one staffer. Haley didn’t really know Cruz, but he was everything she had expected—awkward, insincere. Over a painfully long dinner, the Texas senator recited line after line from his stump speech. When she asked Cruz, near the end of the dinner, what he would want his legacy to be as president, he responded, ‘I want to be remembered as the president who repealed every word of Obamacare.’ When the senator left, Haley and her staff burst into laughter.”


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