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Report: A Number of Fox News Anchors, Network President Were Exposed to COVID on Recent Flight

Report: A Number of Fox News Anchors, Network President Were Exposed to COVID on Recent Flight

Some nights, on Fox News, it seems like the coronavirus doesn’t exist at all. This is especially true if you are to watch the shows of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. The three prime time hosts like to act as if the virus is something that’s been put behind us.

Photo by Kristoffer Tripplaar/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Internally, though, Fox has treated the illness seriously, with many safety measure put in place. Those measures, however, weren’t followed during a recent flight that included many Fox personalities. The New York Times is reporting that a number of anchors as well as the network president were exposed to COVID-19 on a recent flight.

The anchors who were on the flight tended to be “straight news” anchors rather than the prime-time personalities. They were exposed to a person with COVID during a private chartered flight to the recent presidential debate.

The Times reports that those on the flight included, “Fox News Media President Jay Wallace, chief political anchor Bret Baier, anchor of “The Story” Martha MacCallum, and two of the hosts of “The Five,” Dana Perino and Juan Williams.”

All those who were exposed during the flight are being advised to quarantine. Whether they will listen to the direction or not remains to be seen.

Writer Yashar Ali was surprised that a company that had been so stringent about COVID protocols had something like this happen. He took to Twitter, writing, “In terms of how they’ve dealt with COVID precautions as a network, Fox News has been among the most cautious. More cautious than some other networks. (this does not refer to on-air rhetoric from some hosts) Surprised they would put so much of their talent on the same jet.”

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