Report: 100% of Dem Congresspeople Are Vaccinated Compared to 45% of GOP House Members

Vaccine hesitancy isn’t just something GOP Reps. promote to their constituents, it’s something they practice in reality as only 45% of Republican congresspeople are vaccinated.

COVID vaccine distirbution
[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]
The response to COVID-19 should have never been politicized. In a pandemic, all people are at risk despite their political affiliations. Donald Trump, though, was desperate to be reelected so he turned the virus into a political football.

And while Trump has consistently pointed to Operation Warp Speed as one of his greatest political accomplishments, the House GOP isn’t so convinced. According to a recent poll conducted by CNN, only 45% of Republican members have been vaccinated.

When queried about why they didn’t get the vaccine, many GOP Reps acted as if they were doctors. Kentucky’s Thomas Massie said, “The Pfizer and Moderna trials showed no benefit from the vaccine for those previously infected, so I will not be taking the vaccine.”

Greg Stuebe from Florida responded, “I’m not going to talk about it. I don’t think anybody should have to share their personal, private medical information with anybody.”

100% of Democrat congresspeople have taken the vaccine. And the Republican senators are doing a much better job of keeping themselves safe. 46 out of 50 GOP senators have received the vaccine.

Ron Johnson and Rand Paul say they are not getting vaccinated since they already had Covid. Johnson recently lamented, “I thought I was doing everyone a favor. I don’t think any of this is settled science, but the reason I am not vaccinated yet is I have had Covid and even when I had it, I had a mild case. … Now I am being attacked as being anti-science. It boggles my mind.”

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