Rep. Swalwell Promises Republicans Won’t Be Allowed To Rewrite History And Lie About 1/6

Republicans have tried to downplay the seriousness of their January 6th attack, but Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is reassuring Americans that Congress won’t let it happen. He says that the public saw the truth with their own eyes, in streaming video, the day of the attack, and that the truth won’t be covered up.

[Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images]

A number of Republicans in Congress have been accused of being complicit in the attack, or supporting it. Now, many oppose a 1/6 commission that would investigate the attack. As they fight to prevent the investigation from going forward, Swalwell promised that he and others will not let the matter die without getting to the truth.

He has specifically called out House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, who officially opposes the 1/6 commision. McCarthy is reportedly dodging a Capitol police officer who was part of the protective force during the insurrection attempt. Officer Michael Fanone says that he’s tried to reach out to the GOP Leader and been shut down, even hung up on. Swalwell is pushing McCarthy to listen.

Meanwhile, other far-right voices in Congress continue to fight. Matt Gaetz has called the commission “always a bad idea,” complaining that complicity in his fellow GOP members is being addressed.

Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene took to the House floor to oppose the commission, as well as the additional security implemented to protect Congress in their duties.

Swalwell spoke to CNN last week about the lies, and how Congress will ever get to a set of shared accepted facts.

He said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi regularly reminds House Democrats that “the 9/11 commission didn’t happen on 9/12” but instead took over a year to come together, and assured viewers that this, too, will come to fruition, and that “most importantly, because we are going to have to inaugurate a President again,” the commission will work to prevent a recurrence.

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