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Rep. Steve King: George Soros’ Son is the CIA Whistleblower

Rep. Steve King: George Soros’ Son is the CIA Whistleblower

Steve King, who represents Iowa’s 5th Congressional District, has long been the most controversial lawmaker in America. King is so toxic that the GOP removed him from all congressional committees. The Representative, however, continues to win elections in his district.

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The Iowa Republican had another moment of controversy via Twitter on Thursday afternoon. King tweeted out a picture of George Soros’ son with a number of prominent Democrats and claimed that he was the CIA whistleblower.

The theory from King is not hard to disprove. It is known that the Ukraine whistleblower was a member of the Central Intelligence Agency. Alexander Soros is neither in the CIA nor does he serve any kind of role in United States government.

That didn’t stop the Iowa lawmaker from sending out his message. He captioned the tweet, “Adam Schiff, “I do not know the identity of the whistleblower. @Adam Schiff, here are four strong clues.”

King has since deleted his message, but a number of users were able to capture a screenshot of the tweet.

The message was retweeted by another controversial Republican lawmaker, Paul Gosar. The Arizona Rep., wrote, “Is is the dude on the bottom left?”

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King’s last controversy occurred in August when he made comments about rape and abortion. At the time, the number 3 ranked Republican in the House, Liz Cheney said the words were “bizarre and appalling.”

Cheney continued, “As I’ve said before, it’s time for him to go. The people of Iowa’s 4th congressional district deserve better.”



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