Rep Mo Brooks Is Super Upset That YouTube Is Enforcing Policies Against Election Lies

After the January 6th insurrection, YouTube, along with other social sites, began to crack down on election disinformation that could help to provoke the same type of sentiments that inspired the attack. Now Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) has been affected by the policy, and he’s not happy.

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Brooks, like other politicians, has his own congressional site, as well as campaign sites, and social media pages. He also has access to appear on news media as a legislator. Then, of course, there are always town halls and other direct communications with constituents. As such, it’s a bit ludicrous to claim that he’s being ‘silenced’ and can’t communicate a message to the public.

Still, in a tweet Tuesday, the Congressman complained about a video being deleted from YouTube in accordance with their policy.

Since Brooks used a screenshot, it’s not entirely clear exactly what the content was of the deleted video, other than his description: “a video of mine explaining the Socialists voter fraud and election theft efforts.”

Notably, several videos in which he disseminates false information about the 2020 election remain active on YouTube, including at least two in which he claims Joe Biden encouraged undocumented immigrants to illegally cast votes for him, and that “hundreds of thousands” or even “millions” of noncitizens did so.

In this one, for instance, he says “No one knows how massive the illegal alien voting block is, or how many voted in 2020. Hundreds of thousands almost certainly, millions very likely, but what we do know for sure is that the illegal alien voting bloc was large enough and critical enough to winning the presidential race, that at the October 22nd Presidential debate Joe Biden openly and publicly solicited their illegal votes…”

While Biden certainly promised to work towards a path to citizenship, he in no way suggested that undocumented immigrants should illegally vote, and as USA Today reported, claims of hundreds of thousands of illegal votes by immigrants come exclusively from right-wing disinformation sources and are not supported by factual evidence.

Below is another video in which Brooks blatantly lies, saying, “Joe Biden exploited one such flaw when he brazenly promised more than 10 million illegal aliens that he will give them amnesty and citizenship if they help elect Joe Biden president.” Biden never asked any noncitizens to vote in the presidential election.

While the video whose deletion Brooks is complaining about is not available for viewing, these others on his channel make it clear that he’s not opposed to violating YouTube’s policy about spreading election disinformation — he’s just upset that one of his videos was the subject of the rule’s enforcement.

Ironically, Brooks’ Twitter bio warns that he blocks users for lying or defamation.

[Screenshot via Mo Brooks/Twitter]

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