Rep Endorsed By Biden Facing Death Threats After Being Targeted By QAnon

The FBI has labeled QAnon a domestic terror threat. Donald Trump has praised it. And now, just days after being officially endorsed by Joe Biden, New Jersey Congressman Tom Malinowski is receiving death threats from members of the conspiracy theory cult who have falsely accused him of being a sexual predator endangering the lives of children.

The cult began targeting him earlier this week after learning about a bipartisan resolution Malinowski had coauthored last month that would formally condemn QAnon. On Tuesday Malinowski was the subject of a “Q drop” — conspiracy-filled, convoluted posts on social media and Dark Websites from the self-proclaimed US government insider “Q”. QAnon followers, who also believe that powerful Democrats and global elites are engaged in child trafficking, jumped on an ad released last month by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) that falsely claims that Malinowski worked to block a provision in a 2006 crime bill that would have expanded registration requirements for sex offenders while a lobbyist for the Human Rights Watch.

Followers of QAnon believe Donald Trump is fighting a Satanist cabal of elites who abuse children, with of course no real proof to back up their accusations. Their social media posts included screenshots of Malinowski’s resolution, while also capitalizing on a press release from the NRCC that falsely alleges Malinowski “lobbied to protect sexual predators,” along with the message, “Those who scream the loudest…” which is one of Q’s catchphrases.

The NRCC’s press release is a companion to a TV ad the group is running, saying Malinowski is “helping sexual predators hide in the shadows”. The ad, which has been debunked multiple times, includes a narrator saying, “Tom Malinowski chose sex offenders over your family.”

Six current and former Republican officials are supporting Malinowski’s call for the NRCC to take the ad down. The group has refused. The New Jersey Star-Ledger has twice called the ad a lie.

Malinowski confronted Rep Tom Emmer of Minnesota, the NRCC’s chairman, on Tuesday evening on the House floor about the QAnon death threats. Emmer denied knowing what QAnon was and said that he was not responsible for what others did with the committee’s campaign material. Malinowski tweeted about the incident, pointing the finger at the NRCC for their disruptive tactics.


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