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Rep. Clyde Latest Republican to Rebuke Jan 6th Hero Police Officer

Rep. Clyde Latest Republican to Rebuke Jan 6th Hero Police Officer

Michael Fanone, a Metropolitan Police officer who was attacked by the violent mob of insurrectionists on January 6th, is a living reminder of how he and his fellow officers were brutalized by the same people who had vowed to “Back the Blue”. Maybe that’s why so few Republicans are willing to acknowledge his existence; to do that would be to admit that what occurred on January 6th wasn’t a “regular tourist visit” as some have tried to reframe it.

While Senate Democrats continue to investigate despite the lack of a true January 6th Commission, Officer Fanone has repeatedly returned to the Capitol since that day to attempt to meet with the very Republicans who just voted against awarding him and Capitol Officer Eugene Goodman the Congressional Gold Medal.

ALEXANDRIA, VA – JANUARY 13: Michael Fanone, 40, is an officer with the Metropolitan Police Department that helped fend off rioters at the U.S. Capitol and was captured in a now viral video where he was dragged down stairs and beaten unconscious and suffered a heart attack. (Photo by Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Officer Fanone, who normally works undercover narcotics on the Metropolitan Police Crime Suppression team, was off-duty on January 6th but self-deployed to answer a call for backup. He immediately became part of a group of officers trying to hold off thousands of rioters trying to break through a door on the west terrace of the Capitol. He was pulled into the crowd, beaten with poles, hit multiple times on the neck with a stun gun, rendered unconscious, and suffered a mild heart attack. He was stripped of his badge and radio and said someone tried to grab his firearm. The 20-year police force veteran also suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the assault.

Despite his perseverance, Republicans have been turning their backs on Fanone no matter how often he tries to meet with them.

On another visit to the Capitol on Tuesday, Officer Fanone approached Rep. Andrew Clyde (Q-GA), introduced himself as ‘someone who fought to defend the Capitol’, and put out his hand. Clyde refused to shake Fanone’s hand and made a run for it, which was confirmed by Reps Adam Kinzinger and Eric Swalwell.

As soon as the story broke, Officer Fanone began receiving support from all over Twitter.

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