Reopen NC Leader’s Spouse Says He’s Willing to Kill for the Movement

There have been movements across the country where people demonstrate against their state government and urge them to “reopen.” While the number of people participating in these is comparatively small, the demonstrations have received outsize media coverage.

Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Many of these protests feature guns in an effort to intimidate lawmakers. And the threat of violence is normally present. The husband of Reopen North Carolina leader, Ashley Smith has taken it one step further. Adam Smith says he is willing to kill for the movement.

Smith a former Marine, made the threats via his Facebook Live stream this weekend. He told viewers:

“But are we willing to kill people? Are we willing to lay down our lives?” he asked. “We have to say, ‘Yes.’ We have to say, ‘Yes.’ Is that violence? Is that terrorism? No, it’s not terrorism. I’m not trying to strike fear in people by saying, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ I’m gonna say, ‘If you bring guns, I’m gonna bring guns. If you’re armed with this, we’re going to be armed with this.’”

In another video, the demonstrator said, “Those who are awake must be ready to fight. This is a test. This is seeing if we are ready to accept the mark of the beast, if we are ready to accept this New World Order system they want to implement over humanity.”

After being contacted by the website, rawstory.com , Smith removed the video clips from his personal Facebook page.

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