Release of Peter Strzok Testimony May Have Killed GOP Narrative

Former FBI agent, Peter Strzok, has routinely drawn the ire of Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans. Strzok, along with mistress and fellow agent, Lisa Page, are accused of a conspiracy to bring down Donald Trump.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Strzok testified before the House Judiciary Committee, then led by Republicans, in July of 2018. The former agent answered numerous questions both in an open session and behind closed doors. Many of the queries focused on text exchanges between Strzok and Page.

The transcript of the closed door hearings were released to the public on Thursday. The transcripts revealed that many of the texts cited by Republicans, may have been taken out of context.

The texts in question referred to Trump’s first presidential debate and his comments on gold star Father, Khizr Khan. Strzok at one point mentioned an insurance policy against Trump being president.

The former agent explained that though Trump was far behind in polls, they should still track down potential collusion. He told the committee:

“So my use of the term “insurance policy” was simply to say, while the polls or people might think it less likely that then-candidate Trump would be elected, that should not influence—that should not get in the way of us doing our jobs responsibly.”

During the televised hearing, there was a memorable exchange between Strzok and Trey Gowdy (R-SC). Gowdy also fiercely questioned Strzok behind closed doors.

Oddly, much of the questioning concerned the former agent’s claim that Trump supporters had a smell to them. That included this strange exchange:

Gowdy: I’m waiting on the answer. What did it smell like?

Strzok: And I’m telling you it didn’t smell like anything. My use of the word “smell” is an analogy.

On the whole, Strzok was unable to answer many serious questions due to the information being classified. While he may remain a boogeyman for some Republicans, the transcripts do little to help that case.

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