Rejected: Fox News Asks Twitter User to Use her Photo of Bomber’s Van

In an ironic twist of fate, a Twitter user rejected Fox News’s request to use her husband’s photo of the van of Cesar Sayoc, the suspect arrested today in connection to multiple bombs mailed to prominent Trump-critics, saying, “My husband took the picture but won’t allow you guys to use it because you aren’t a reliable source of what’s going on in our country today. Sorry!”

lesleyabravanel tweet Trump van
Photo Credit: FNC Assignment Desk on Twitter

Earlier today, Lesley Abravanel tweeted, “My husband just called and said “Remember that picture I texted you of that crazy Trump van that delivered lunch to my office? THAT WAS THE GUY!” This is the picture he sent me of the van parked at his office on November 1, 2017. #FloridaMan @FBI” with a photo of the van.

MAGAbomber van
Photo Credit: Fox News

Fox News, in response, tweeted:

Fox NewsTwitter Feed
Photo Credit: Fox News Twitter Feed

Fox News’ request was rejected, which was met with laughter on Abravanel’s feed.  Abravanel described her reaction to HillReporter this afternoon, saying, “Some people said I was too nice–nah, I went with Michelle Obama’s ‘when they go low theorem,’ and others asked how I could defend the 1st Amendment by censoring (their words, not mine) a news organization, to which I replied, distorting the truth isn’t freedom of the press nor is Fox News a media organization as much as it is a propaganda outlet.”

Various other Twitter users responded with incredulity:

Fox News Twitter Feed
Photo Credit: Fox News Twitter Feed

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