Really American Trends Two #1 Hashtags Within Hours of Trump Complaining About Twitter Trends

July 27, 2020 –  President Donald Trump on Monday went on a Twitter tirade against Twitter, claiming that the social network’s trends were illegally attacking his character. The President, who largely relies on Twitter to spread his own brand of disinformation to his 84.2 million followers, sent out the following tweet:

The President’s tweet appears to be in response to numerous Twitter hashtags that have recently reached the top trending spots on Twitter. Among those hashtags were #SaudiTrump, #GestapoTrump, #DictatorTrump, #RecklessTrump, and many others.

Really American Senior Advisor Brooklyn Dad Defiant started the trend #trumplethinskin which immediately rose to the top 5 in the nation.

Within an hour, Really American released their newest video #LyingTrump.

Within another hour, both hashtags put out by Really American PAC were trending #1 in the nation.

While President Trump has complained about the Twitter trending platform, the truth is, the company has largely relied on an open ecosystem that focuses on sharing what its users have chosen to spread across the network.

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