Real Estate Expert: Trump's Best Shot at Paying Bond Could be Selling Mar-a-Lago

The time that Donald Trump has to pay his bond in the E. Jean Carroll case is quickly dwindling and his deadline is next Monday. The problem for the former President is that no financial institutions seem willing to back him. 

The 45th President could now be forced to sell off parts of his real estate empire. And according to a real estate expert, his best shot at paying his bond could be selling off the Mar-a-Lago property where he currently lives. The 

The CEO of renowned real estate firm Brown Harris Stevens, Bess Friedman, was asked about Trump selling off properties to raise the money. "I think it’s a little, we don’t have enough time,” she responded. “ … I think you need at least 30 days to get any of these properties sold."

The real estate CEO continued, "But Mar-a-Lago, potentially that could be something that could be sold quickly. I think the valuation is something in the hundreds of millions and I think there could be a buyer for something like that."

Freedman closed:

"I mean, there could be plenty of international people who want to buy that property. I mean, there's properties that are priced at 150, 200 million that are nearby that and Palm Beach … it's just shot up like a rocket and people do want to live there."