Reagan's Daughter: Dad Would be 'Appalled' by Today's Politics

The golden image that all Republicans want to follow is Ronald Reagan and that is not surprising. Reagan was able to win national elections in a way that few Republicans ever have. Over the last 25 years. every Republican candidate has pushed themselves as a child of the former President. 

Patti Davis, the daughter of the 40th President, appeared on MSNBC this weekend to talk about her father. And she feels that her Dad would be appalled by the current state of Republican politics. 

She told host Kristen Welker, "It was just more civilized. He didn’t understand lack of civility.  He didn’t understand attacking another person. I mean, he could be pretty pointed in his, in what he’d say about someone else. But he didn’t understand cruelty, and that’s what we’re dealing with now…"

The former President's daughter continued:

"I think he would be really scared for our democracy. And, I think that, I don’t know, I think he would address people more than any candidates, you know? I think he would address the American people at what has divided us. In my own opinion and I think, I don’t know, I think this is probably how he would think is, our divisions really started because we’re all so scared. There’s so much fear around, whether we’re going to get shot in a mass shooting, or our children are, or if you’re going to walk into a store … or a church, or wherever."