Rand Paul Wants Mail-In, Absentee Voting Eliminated Entirely

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on Wednesday appeared on Mornings with Maria on Fox Business and spat out a slew of lies about what Democrats want to do to ensure the security of American elections.

Rand Paul says rural areas could have mail two days a week
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“Let me get your take on future elections before you go, Senator, because I know [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi’s [D-CA] number one priority, HR1, is election integrity. They want mail-in voting to be a constant. Are you worried in any way of future elections being fair?” host Maria Bartiromo asked.

Paul, ever the contrarian, said that Pelosi has it all wrong.

“I’m terrified of election integrity and I’m all for election integrity but the opposite of what Nancy Pelosi thinks that is,” Paul said. “I think we need to have in-person voting and it needs to remain in control of the states. So I’ve been going around to each of the states, including my state, and trying to get election law reformed. I think you need to vote in person.”

There is no evidence of voter fraud from mail-in or absentee voting. Paul simply wants to make it as difficult as possible for Americans to cast ballots.

“But we also need to make it such so that secretaries of state and the government shouldn’t be out paying and using taxpayer money to go to your house with ballots and applications to vote,” he added.

“I think that this idea of harvesting votes – that’s what Nancy Pelosi wants to do – is wrong,” Paul insisted. “And we need to make sure we stop that.”

That is also completely untrue.

Then Paul suggested that raising the minimum wage would be a bad thing for workers.

“The government shouldn’t be in this, and the people that get hurt the worst are those most disadvantaged. Black teenagers – unemployment goes through the roof when you set minimum wage, and the most important thing for any teenager, white or Black, is that first job and they don’t get it if you set the wage higher than what the market will set it at,” the Senator said. “It’s a disservice to our youth.”

Paul offered no evidence to back up that claim.

Watch below via Raw Story:

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