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Rand Paul Suggests Judiciary Is Too Lazy to Overturn the Election: ‘Courts Don’t Like to Hear This Stuff’

Rand Paul Suggests Judiciary Is Too Lazy to Overturn the Election: ‘Courts Don’t Like to Hear This Stuff’

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said Thursday that he wants to “punish” everyone who stole the election from President Donald Trump. Unfortunately for Paul, Trump lost on his own merits, and disciplining figments of the president’s imagination is impossible.

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Paul laid the tough guy act on thick.

“I think if you want less fraud in our elections, if you want the elections to be legitimate and considered to be legitimate, you have to punish those who committed fraud,” the Kentucky Republican explained to host Maria Bartiromo. “So 1,500 people were ineligible to vote because they were deceased in Nevada, whoever did that needs to go to jail. 4,000 illegal aliens voted. They need to not be allowed to vote, but whoever allowed it to happen needs to go to jail. It needs to be fixed. So really do have a lot of work to try to make sure our elections are legitimate.”

Trump and his defenders have yet to produce any evidence of voter fraud.

“This is not new,” said Paul.

“Remeber the story about LBJ? It’s midnight and he’s got a Scotch in one hand and he’s got his illegal vote in a shoebox in the other, and he turns them in at midnight, saying, ‘We won! We can turn in our illegal votes! We got just enough?'” Paul asked. “But then his opponent turns his illegal votes in at two in the morning and LBJ vowed that night never to turn his illegal votes in until the other guy had already turned his in.”


“And so we have a history of cheating in our country. In my state a guy named Prichard, who was part of the Kitchen Cabinet for FDR, who went to jail,” Paul continued.

“But if you don’t put people in jail for stuffing the ballot box then you will get more of it,” Paul supposed.

The reason that people are seldom sent to prison for “stuffing the ballot box,” or for any other varation of voter higgledy-piggledy, is because it is a rare enough occurance that it can be considered almost statistically non-existent – as in, a literal handful of cases out of billions of votes that were cast in recent decades have been found to be fraudulent.

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Paul then suggested that the judiciary’s refusal to waste its time indulging and validating Trump’s bogus voter fraud lawsuits is gnawing away at American democracy, which is moronic.

“The problem we have in our country is courts don’t like to hear this stuff during elections are right after elections,” the Senator said. “The history is bad. My dad had an election stolen in 1976, and the courts would never give us justice and listen to the facts. They kept doing what they’re doing to President Trump, which is, uh, throwing the cases based on procedural technicalities, but not on facts.”

Or, Trump failed to provide proof of fraud when the courts asked for it – more than 50 times – which rightfully got his lawsuits dismissed.

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

Thirty-three days until the inauguration.

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