Rand Paul: Soleimani Killing was the “Death of Diplomacy”

Following last weeks military action that killed Iranian Qasem Soleimani, political parties both fell into their respective aisles. Republicans were largely supportive. Democrats, while they felt Soleimani was evil, worried about how Iran would react to the operation.

Rand Paul John Brennan Security Clearance
Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

But today, one high profile lawmaker came out against President Donald Trump’s decision. Kentucky senator Rand Paul ripped the move and said that he wish the US never pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal.

The lawmaker made the comments while speaking with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer. Paul told the host, “We’ve taken diplomacy off the table. The only possibility now is military escalation.”

Hemmer responded that there wasn’t much diplomacy between Iran and the US anyway.

Paul then said, “it was a big mistake to pull out of the Iran agreement. We should have tried to build on the Iran agreement. I think it is the death of diplomacy, and I see no way to get it back started again until, sort of, the revenge of the Iranian people is somehow sated.”

The Kentucky senator closed his remarks, “I hate this. I hate that this is where we are going. I have been someone who has been for engagement, but there was much less killing, there was much less violence after the Iran agreement. In fact, there was a lull, a period in which I think we were headed towards a much more stable situation in Iran, and now I think that’s gone. And I think it may be gone for a lifetime.”



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