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Rand Paul Says It’s ‘Unfair’ To Call President Trump A Racist

Rand Paul Says It’s ‘Unfair’ To Call President Trump A Racist

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Trump fanboy Senator Rand Paul believes it’s “unfair” to call President Donald Trump a racist, despite the U.S. President’s comments about Mexicans, Africans, Haitians, and other groups of color.

Appearing on Meet The Press, Paul said, “I don’t think the comments were constructive at all, but I also think that, to be fair, we shouldn’t draw conclusions that he didn’t intend.”

Here’s Rand Paul’s comment on Meet The Press:

Paul continued:

“I think it’s unfair to sort of paint him, ‘oh well, he’s a racist,’ when I know for a fact that he cares very deeply about the people of Haiti because he helped finance a trip where they would get vision back for 200 people in Haiti.”

Trump most recently came under fire after a closed door meeting with Republicans and Democrats in which he allegedly said immigrants from Haiti and nations in Africa shouldn’t be allowed to enter the United States. Illinois Senator Dick Durbin claims that Trump said he didn’t want people from “shithole countries” and would prefer immigrants from places such as Norway.

Trump quickly denied those claims, taking to Twitter to write, “The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used.”


Several Republicans attending that meeting didn’t deny the wording used by Trump but rather claimed to have “no recollection” of the 45th POTUS making those remarks. One Republican, South Carolina’s Tim Scott, seemed to back up Durbin’s claim, stating that the comment made by Trump was “basically accurate.”

Rand Paul also claimed that “you can’t have immigration compromise” without everyone “calling the president a racist.”

In the meantime, Trump has continued his #AmericaFirst push by stating on Sunday that DACA was “probably dead.”


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The President then released a tweet in which he focused on a “merit based” immigration system for the United States.


For his part, Rand Paul said he would be willing to support legislation where “the Dreamers are going to get naturalized, but there’s going to have to be something for border security and it has to be real and it has to be significant.”

Paul also never definitively stated that President Trump was not a racist.

Government funding runs out on January 19 and many Democrats have threatened to close down the federal government if DACA does not continue. We may soon find out exactly how far President Trump’s obvious racism flows.

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