Rand Paul Roasts Several Fellow Republicans Including Donald Trump

The holiday of Festivus, created by Daniel O'Keefe, was introduced to the general public during a 1997 episode of Seinfeld, written by O'Keefe's son. Rand Paul, who often comes off as humorless, is a fan of the holiday. He used the occasion to roast some of his fellow Republicans in a long thread on X. 

Paul began, "My main grievances are of course with Congress. But I want to start with someone nice and positive. So I wish my fondest farewell to former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who has been run out of town for being too much of a swampy establishment critter even for Congressional leadership."

The Kentucky senator then made a fat joke, writing, "My favorite moments in this race though have come when Chris Christie fills the TV screen, and I do mean fills. I’m watching only because I feel like at some point he and Vivek are going to wrestle WWE style and I can’t miss that."

Paul even took some time to roast Donald Trump, a dangerous proposition for any Republican. He wrote:

"Speaking of birth certificates, who is going to tell President Trump that trying to kick people off the ballot for spurious reasons sometimes comes back to bite you in the rear…"

You can read the entire rant from the Kentucky senator starting here: