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Rand Paul Pleas With President Trump To Pull John Brennan’s CIA Security Clearance

Rand Paul Pleas With President Trump To Pull John Brennan’s CIA Security Clearance

Rand Paul John Brennan Security Clearance

Senator Rand Paul pleaded on Monday for President Trump to revoke ex-CIA Chief John Brennan’s security clearance. Paul’s request comes after Brennan’s scathing criticism of the way the president handled his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In a tweet on Monday morning, Sen. Paul wrote:

The Republican Senator then added:

Sen. Paul’s comments about John Brennan come after Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out last week that the former CIA director still holds a high-security clearance, despite not working for the government anymore. But this isn’t unusual for a former director. They often keep their security clearance after leaving office. Current officials sometimes ask them for assistance during times of turnover.

Tucker Carlson called Brennan an “out-of-the-closet extremist” and stated that his clearance should be removed.

Since he left his position under former President Obama, Brennan has been highly critical of the current administration. He now works as a senior national security and intelligence analyst for MSNBC and NBC News.

During the summit in Helsinki, the former CIA director sent out a couple of tweets questioning the meeting. He also called Trump’s press conference performance “nothing short of treasonous.”

After the press conference, Brennan added:

Unfortunately, it looks like Brennan’s call for “Republican Patriots” to act isn’t working. House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va) already has plans to interview Brennan in his committee. In a segment on Sunday Morning Futures, Goodman stated that the committee “has lots of questions for John Brennan,” adding, “He will definitely be sought by the committees for an interview.”

Goodman added that Brennan’s comments, as well as those of former FBI director James Comey, are “extremely disturbing” to see. Considering the anger President Trump usually has for those who criticize him, he will likely agree to Sen. Rand Paul’s request.

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