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Rand Paul: Jon Stewart is Leading Left Wing Mob

Rand Paul: Jon Stewart is Leading Left Wing Mob

Since leaving Comedy Central’s Daily Show in 2012, Jon Stewart has become a fierce advocate for animal and human rights. One cause that’s close to the former anchor’s heart is the funding of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

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Senator Rand Paul recently earned Stewart’s ire by blocking legislation that would have extended the victims fund. Paul angrily responded to the comedians criticism and referred to him as the leader of a left-wing mob.

During a Wednesday interview with Fox News, Stewart said, “Pardon me if I’m not impressed in any way by Rand Paul’s fiscal responsibility virtue signaling. Rand Paul presented tissue paper avoidance of the 1.5 trillion tax cut that added hundreds of billions of dollars to our deficit and now he stands up at the last minute after 15 years of blood, sweat and tears from the 9/11 community so that it’s all over now, now we’re going to balance the budget on the backs of the 9/11 first responder community.”

Paul found Stewart’s claims to be outrageous. The Kentucky Senator told Fox’s Neil Cavuto, “I know Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart is sometimes funny, sometimes informed. In this case, he’s neither funny nor informed.”

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The lawmaker continued, “It’s really kind of disgusting. He pretended for years when he was on his comedy show to be somebody who could see both sides and see through the B.S. Now he is the B.S. The B.S. meter is through the roof when you see him calling people names and calling people an abomination, when I’m asking for something reasonable.”


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