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Rand Paul Becomes First Republican To Voice Doubts Over John Ratcliffe

Rand Paul Becomes First Republican To Voice Doubts Over John Ratcliffe

Rand Paul, the Republican senator from Kentucky, has always made a point of breaking from the pack. He regularly voices displeasure with GOP initiatives, but often votes for them in the end. This behavior was apparent when Paul threatened to vote against Trump’s tax bill, but helped to pass the measure in the end.

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Paul has now voiced his displeasure with a nomination that the President has recently announced. Paul told reporters on Wednesday that he is concerned with National Intelligence nominee, John Ratcliffe’s record on surveillance.

The Kentucky senator told The Hill, “My first impression is [Ratcliffe] seems to be coming from a different point of view, which is worrisome. I haven’t made a final conclusion, but I can tell you that our initial look is very, very worrisome. It sounds like he’s been a proponent of more power to the FISA court, he’s been a proponent of warrantless searches.”

Paul continued, “We’ve been advocating for years that we need more protection for Americans. The Fourth Amendment needs to be applied more consistently throughout the intelligence community. We want more restrictions on FBI looking at FISA data that’s been obtained without a warrant for Americans.”

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The Kentucky senator finished by saying that Fourth Amendment concerns are his biggest worry. “I’m more worried about that than whether or not he’s a loyalist to the president because I think it takes someone who thinks maybe the president was abused, it takes someone who can generalize that to say, hey, I’m for really protecting all Americans from an overzealous intelligence community, and I’m not so sure his record reflects that,” said Paul.


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