Rambling Giuliani Tells Fox News: “Democrats are Literally Trying to Kill Me”

A few weeks back, the Daily Beast unearthed an internal Fox News memo concerned with the guests who were appearing on their programs. The email was heavily focused on former reporter for thehill.com John Solomon and the idea that he could be spreading disinformation. The report also mentioned Rudy Giuliani.

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

The former New York City mayor is a frequent guest on the channels programs. Giuliani has become seemingly more unhinged by the day and is sometimes cut off by hosts during his rants. The latest rant from Giuliani, which came during an interview with Trish Regan, may have been the craziest yet as the lawyer claimed that Democrats are trying to kill him.

Giuliani began the segment by claiming that Ukrainian oligarchs are stealing US aid money. He told Regan, “How do you think all those oligarchs become oligarchs? They take our foreign aid.”

The former Mayor then went in on his political opponents. “They’re going to be very surprised when they see the report that I have,” he continued. “We are going to reveal the whole thing, it’s not just Biden, [it’s] a bunch of Democrats. That’s why they are so crazy on the subject of Ukraine, and why they want to literally kill me.”

Giuliani closed the interview by saying, “I haven’t been in Ukraine in two years.” He has actually been to the Ukraine multiple times in the past year. He then corrected himself, “I went to the Ukraine for the first time, like, three weeks ago to interview a witness.”


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