Ramaswamy: I'm Withdrawing From Maine Primary and Haley, DeSantis Should Too

In a recent X post, Vivek Ramaswamy called on his fellow opponents Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley to join him in dropping out of the Maine Republican primary. 

The GOP hopefuls opposing Donald Trump in the race for the Republican nomination don't have much of a chance of winning if Trump stays in the race. There are, of course, many things that can force the former President to leave the race. On of those things are states taking Trump off their ballots after he incited the January 6th insurrection. 

That is what the state of Maine is doing by taking Trump off their primary ballot. Some candidates might see this as an opportunity to help their standing, for Ramaswamy, it is an opportunity to suck up to Trump. 

The candidate wrote on his Twitter page, "This is what an *actual* threat to democracy looks like. The system is hellbent on taking this man out, the Constitution be damned."

Ramaswamy continued:

"I stand by my prior pledge to *withdraw* from any state’s ballot that ultimately removes Trump from its ballot. I call on DeSantis, Christie, and Haley to do the same - or else they are tacitly endorsing this illegal and brazen election interference in the GOP primary. This cancer in American politics isn’t limited to the Democrats."