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Radio Host Says Cumulus Media Blocked His Buttigieg Interview

Radio Host Says Cumulus Media Blocked His Buttigieg Interview

In recent years, media corporations have grown and now hold more political sway than ever before. Sinclair Media has been criticized for telling different affiliates that they must run segments that feature what’s been referred to as Donald Trump propaganda.

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The latest political scandal involves Cumulus Media and Nashville radio host Blair Garner. According to Garner, the company has told him that he cannot air a recent interview he conducted with 2020 Democratic candidate, Pete Buttigieg.

Garner tweeted out a link to the interview that he says his parent company won’t let him air. He wrote, “My interview with Pete Buttigieg. The only candidate who asked to be on my show. My employer decided I couldn’t air it – but I did get permission to post it on my personal Soundcloud here.”

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Garner further explained, “I’ve been told that the interview cannot air. I was very proud that a presidential candidate of any party valued our show to the degree that they would ask to be a guest.”

The radio host continued, “Just to be clear, I would have also enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity to have any candidate, including President Trump, as a guest. It was simply that Mayor Pete showed up, and made the ask.”

For their part, Cumulus said that the decision had nothing to do with company politics. A spokesperson said in a statement, “The decision was made by local programming management based solely on concerns related to the application of the FCC’s Equal Time Rule. The effects of the FCC’s Equal Time Rule are widely understood and considered whenever these types of issues arise.”

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